Why prophecies fail…

Deji Aladejebi
2 min readMay 30


One word. Love.

The mockery of prophecies over the state of affairs of the nation is troubling because as I realize, when people hear anyone say they prophecy in God’s name, they immediately expect it is going to come to pass and if not, they mock the so called prophet or even in some cases mock the church and everthing in between.

Why should it be suprising that prophecies fail…?

If we read the bible, it is a no-brainer that prophecies fail. “Love never fails. But whether there are prophecies, they will fail;…
I Corinthians 13:8 NKJV.

Prophecies are not the highest level of the manifestation of God’s power on earth. It is LOVE. If someone prophecies and tells you, “Hey I prophecy to you, if you marry this man, you will fail to succeed”. However, if you love the person and also with God’s love, you will cause the failure of that prophecy because love and prophecies are not mates in the spiritual realm. Love vetos prophecies any day.

If people believe what they read in the bible about themselves the way they believe curses and prophecies they hear about politics, their lives would have changed long ago.

I was at a hotel on inauguration day and I met some common folks watching the inauguration of President of Nigeria on May 29th and they mentioned in passing that they were watching it because they heard prophecy that it will disrupted. I just laughed. I asked them if they have ever read when God sent prophet Jonah to prophecy to Nineveh about their destruction, and then Ninevah responded by repentance?

Ninevah had invoked the Love of God because one thing that immediately provokes God’s Love is repentance. Once love is invoked, it will immediately void any prophecies of man and can suspend the execution of prophecies delivered even by angels. Take note of “suspend”.

I told the common folks, “Do you know what tinubu has discussed with God in repentance in his closet?”. Then their eyes opened and they said “thats true”. You know, in Nigeria, it is common to use biblical references in conversations since a majority of the population are religious, attends church, and often reads the Bible, although they may not fully comprehend its meaning.

However, do not despise prophecies — 1 thessalonians 5:20. Take note: As a believer, any believer for that matter, you carry the authority to prophecy based on the outcome you desire to see. Many preachers can do this based on how they want something to turn out. That prophecy is valid but it will never trump the operations of love.

God is merciful, and the mercy extends across all plains of humanity, even good or bad. He is more concerned about repentance than the fulfilment of prophecy.

Prophecies are a guide for those who can still be repentant to attain God’s love and can extend that love to others.

Remain strengthened and strong in these times.



Deji Aladejebi

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