Can AI help with law making…

Deji Aladejebi
2 min readNov 10, 2020


The world needs a new type of social network to aid law making. A law-making social network is a social network that helps citizens collaborate on new laws possibly to be able to replace the need for house of representatives in the future. A social network where voices of anyone can be heard. A digital NASS.

A few things will be critical in building this new type of social network.

First it will fully deploy Machine learning as a key tool to aiding the process. This machine learning tool will not prioritize influencers or any rich or popular person’s voice over the Gardner, mechanic or barber. Its aim is to find voices. It will be biased against hate speech or personality attack but will focus on key issues and will totally reject personality attack.

If I write “The nation should not allow public smoking”. The system can immediately pick this voice, tag it , connect with the citizens on the platform , connect with other similar voices and opposing voices and then measure the opposing voices to know the extent to which it is opposed and it is able to provide a reference and suggest this as a new law and aiming to provide true democracy and equity. It can track existing laws that support or oppose that voice and push for suggestions and votes on various issues.

Democracy is known as Government of the people, by the people, for the people. Not government of the rich, by the rich for the rich. No one is better at helping to find the voices of the people more than AI in this modern age.

AI will be fully deployed to collate the laws and gazette them and will one day replace legislators most of whom only serve themselves in many countries.

The state of the world now is so bad and voices of the poor are being suppressed so badly that it is leading the world into trouble.

Democracy needs to be reinvented for the fast paced digital world. The old analog method of democracy has failed.

Twitter and Facebook has failed because they are completely dominated by its influencers system and advert based revenue models and all this has allowed the amplification of hate speech.

In this new social network, the machine learning is biased towards finding the best out of us and using that to help us agree on how people wants to be governed.

If you know anyone thinking along this lines or building some futuristic social network of such, kindly share.



Deji Aladejebi

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