Avengers Fan Theory: Why did Thanos spare the key Avengers in his snap?

Deji Aladejebi
3 min readJan 10, 2021



In the popular Marvel movie: Avengers: Infinity Wars — we see an inter galactic bad guy that threatens to wipe half of all life and unlike anything we have seen before in movies: the bad guy won but I have always wondered why he left the avengers alive. He could have shredded them to dust in a minute if he wished it. But they were left alive. Why?

My own fan theory as to why all the core 6 avengers survived the “snap of thanos” was that Thanos must have known them all his quest as opponents to his mission to wipe half of all human existence. We later realized in Avengers: Endgame that he knew about the avengers long before he even met them in person.

My fan theory suggests that it is only typical of a villain that on the day of fulfilment of the their quest to want those who have been against their plan to be alive to witness the success and to have the opponents fully consumed by the weight of their failures. I believe for my own fan theory reason that this was why he spared them. Its all a beautifully told sci-fi fantasy story.

However, with men who never give up like Captain America, failure becomes a weapon, failure becomes an asset.

This led them to bring out one of the greatest inventions in the MCU universe which is Time Travel.

Failure is one of the greatest secrets of life. As kids growing in places like Africa, we were trained to fear it, we were forced to excel in maths and english and never given a chance to discover if arts was our passion. The fear of failure is imbibed each time a parent “beats” a child for failing in school (not because the child didn't put in their best) and this drives into us the fear of it, it becomes difficult to confront it.

This way, we pick easy tasks in life that are only within the reach of our capacity. Envisioning only within the limit of your ability flat lines your life and you will never have new discoveries.

Missions don't fail but only goals within it. The goals we set as we try to move towards the fulfilment of our mission in life is what can fail but this does not equal the failure of the entire mission. Missions are like visions that have concrete plan. That can be passed from generation to generation as a legacy.

We learn in business that with more risk, comes more rewards. Sadly, the risk in failure is actually the failure to learn something new from failure and not the failure itself.

How Failure Works.

  1. Set yourself up by announcing your mission. It is important this mission contains deliverables that stretch beyond your current capacity
  2. Ensure this mission and its message provokes a power, principality meaning an existing system, a competition
  3. Take steps to roll out products and services that actually attempts to capture some market from them

Lets grow.



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